Never Too Old (To Learn Something New)

Christmas trees!!!

I had wanted to make this tree for the past few years.  But it looked like a labor intensive project & I always thought of making it in December… when I didn’t have that much time to spare.  So this became a perfect quarantine 2020 project.  I couldn’t decide whether to make a green one or a white one.  But hey, it’s quarantine, so I made both!  This file is from SVGCuts dot com.  And based upon Mary’s recommendation, I replaced the bulbs that came with the lamps with LED lights.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

UPDATE: Later this year, I made one for Halloween.


Phase 1 of assembly:


Phase 2 of assembly.  Looking somewhat like a hedgehog…


Finished with the green tree:


This is the bulb that came with the lamp:


After replacing with an LED… WOW!!!


This is a neat project  But allow a lot of time for it.  Since most of the adhering was small flaps, I had to use glue.  (I normally prefer tape runner.)  And because you’re manipulating the paper into a shape, you really need to glue small portions & then let them fully dry before continuing on.  If you get the time, patience & energy to do this project, it is a beautiful one.