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Password managers

Password managers
Having spent 39 years in IT, here are my suggestions regarding online passwords. First, do not use passwords that are comprised of family names, pet names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  DO use strong, complex passwords.  (A password manger will make this VERY EASY.) Second, NEVER use the same password for multiple accounts.  (A password man [...]

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2018...

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2018!!!
The 7th Annual Mother’s Birthday luncheon is a wrap & I think one of the best ones!  (I think that every year, though!  And I’m finally getting around to posting about it!)  Fourteen guests and a “drive by” (Ashley’s daughter’s birthday is the same day (she was 15 this year!), so she stops by for a few minutes.) Another guest had t [...]