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Facebook tutorial 0010 – a frie...

Facebook tutorial 0010 – a friend’s account has been cloned (cloning vs hacked)
When you get a friend request from someone who’s already one of your Facebook friends, it’s most likely a cloned account.  This is not the same as their account being hacked.  Hacked generally means someone was able to glean the login credentials & can take over the account & make posts & add photos to the hacked accou [...]

Is all the poli-talk getting you down...

Is all the poli-talk getting you down?  Need a laugh or five?
All this election turmoil reminds me so much of 2004. For a few years, I had been heavily involved in a coffee lovers forum.  I mean, I not only ground my own coffee beans, I bought green beans & roasted them myself. And yet many long time regulars of the forum (message board) were at each others’ throats over the candidates. Even t [...]

Zoodle lasagne

Zoodle lasagne
Inspired by this recipe, I made zoodle lasagne for tonight’s dinner.  However as usual, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly & made it my own.  I didn’t make them “roll ups” but simply layered the zoodles like you would regular lasagne noodles.  I omitted the basil from the ricotta mixture, since my husband doe [...]