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Monthly archives for June, 2018

DIY “cap” for beverage di...

DIY “cap” for beverage dispenser base!
I recently decided to decorate one of my beverage dispensers by placing fun stuff in the clear base.  But the design of the base made it difficult, since the dip of the ice compartment is shorter than the base.  That meant after placing items where I wanted them, then placing a flat item over it, everything would shift or even fall out, when [...]

Invitations for the 7th Annual Mother...

Invitations for the 7th Annual Mother’s Birthday Luncheon!
Invitations sent!  This year’s theme was polka dots (I LOVE polka dots!) & roses. Once again, I made the stickers for the envelope flaps to match the invitations (lower right in the photo below).  I’ve been making cards since 1996 and this is the first time I’ve ever lined the envelopes.  I got the idea from a Cricut page on [...]


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