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Password managers

Password managers
Having spent 39 years in IT, here are my suggestions regarding online passwords. First, do not use passwords that are comprised of family names, pet names, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.  DO use strong, complex passwords.  (A password manger will make this VERY EASY.) Second, NEVER use the same password for multiple accounts.  (A password man [...]

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2018...

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2018!!!
The 7th Annual Mother’s Birthday luncheon is a wrap & I think one of the best ones!  (I think that every year, though!  And I’m finally getting around to posting about it!)  Fourteen guests and a “drive by” (Ashley’s daughter’s birthday is the same day (she was 15 this year!), so she stops by for a few minutes.) Another guest had t [...]

Baked Brie with Cranberries

Baked Brie with Cranberries
Baked Brie with Cranberries   (not my picture… I forgot to get a photo of mine) 1 can/tube of crescent rolls or crescent dough sheet 1 can cranberry sauce with whole cranberries 1 brie round or wheel segment Unroll the dough.  If using the rolls (rather than the dough sheet), pinch the perforations to seal them.  Place the bri [...]

Gala Champagne Punch

Gala Champagne Punch
Gala Champagne Punch 1 (1 qt) bottle chilled champagne 1 (1 qt) bottle of chilled Chardonnay 20 ounces chilled club soda 4 ounces brandy 3 ounces creme de cassis Combine all ingredients & serve!

DIY “cap” for beverage di...

DIY “cap” for beverage dispenser base!
I recently decided to decorate one of my beverage dispensers by placing fun stuff in the clear base.  But the design of the base made it difficult, since the dip of the ice compartment is shorter than the base.  That meant after placing items where I wanted them, then placing a flat item over it, everything would shift or even fall out, when [...]

Invitations for the 7th Annual Mother...

Invitations for the 7th Annual Mother’s Birthday Luncheon!
Invitations sent!  This year’s theme was polka dots (I LOVE polka dots!) & roses. Once again, I made the stickers for the envelope flaps to match the invitations (lower right in the photo below).  I’ve been making cards since 1996 and this is the first time I’ve ever lined the envelopes.  I got the idea from a Cricut page on [...]

Mother’s Day For Motherless Dau...

Mother’s Day For Motherless Daughters
This Sunday is Mother’s Day.  It can be a difficult day for many, including those of us whose mothers are no longer living.  One thing I’ve done each year since my mother passed (ok, I did forget one year…) is to send a Mother’s Day card to one of her best friends.  My mother & Kay traveled often together, including several cruises. [...]

Easter Gifts – Post It Note Hol...

Easter Gifts – Post It Note Holders
I wanted to make something for our sisters who live out of town.  So it had to be easy and (fairly) inexpensive to mail, since I was sending eight of them out.  On Pinterest, I found this project & thought it was cute. It also seemed like it would be inexpensive to put together, fairly inexpensive to mail and would withstand going acros [...]

Bag Tags/Toppers

Bag Tags/Toppers
  These bag tags were easy enough to make in Cricut Design Space.  They utilize the PTC (Print Then Cut) feature of Design Space.  I started with the Butterfly Scallop Book Cover from the Elegant Edges cartridge as well as the two bunny images.  Using a square shape, the butterfly was welded out of the base (book cover image).  The im [...]

Goodreads reading challenge 2017

Goodreads reading challenge 2017
This is the third year I’ve participated in Goodreads’ self defined reading challenge.  I’ve yet to meet (or exceed) prior challenges.  But each year I keep increasing the goal, hoping I will push myself to do more reading.  I was very surprised to realize I didn’t get very close to my goal this year.  And even more su [...]


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