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Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2018!!!

The 7th Annual Mother’s Birthday luncheon is a wrap & I think one of the best ones!  (I think that every year, though!  And I’m finally getting around to posting about it!)  Fourteen guests and a “drive by” (Ashley’s daughter’s birthday is the same day (she was 15 this year!), so she stops by for a few minutes.) Another guest had to cancel at the last minute, since her 92 year old mother fell & was in the hospital.  As usual, I’m always sad when I realize I didn’t get many (or any) pictures.  But then again, it’s about living in the moment rather than getting all those selfies & food photos for social media, right?

Each year I snail mail real, live, invitations.  This was this year’s invitation – more details here.

IMG_3946 IMG_3947 redacted

Things seemed to be on schedule until ~12:30 the day before… when I had peeled eggs for deviled eggs & put the shells in the garbage disposal.  I did not know you’re not supposed to do this.  I’ve been doing this all my life, but this day, I had peeled 42 eggs – enough for 16 guests plus several more for Bob, our dogs and me.

2018-06-20 13-14-24 smaller

And… the sink stopped up.

2018-06-20 15-32-53 smaller

However, the plumber was here within an hour of calling.  But this did set my schedule back several hours.  As a result, the standard dessert (Rave Reviews Cupcakes) was served as “Nude cupcakes” this year, since I was running short on time & decided to not put frosting on them.  Several people often scrape the frosting off anyway, so I figured why worry about it.

This year’s menu consisted of:
Manicotti (recipe received from a good friend, many years ago)
Mushroom Stroganoff
Deviled Eggs
Tossed Green Salad
Quinoa Salad (better than Costco’s!)
Macarons (filled with Nutella & Marshmallow Fluff)
Rave Reviews Cupcakes (served nekkid this year  – the cupcakes were nekkid, not the hostess!  WHEW!!!)
Wild Tropical Punch fruit tea (a Steeped Tea blend)
Infused water (infused with strawberries & cucumbers)
Favors were “homemade” Post-It notepad holders & pens, vials of Young Living’s Purification blend essential oil, (this is one of my all time fav-o-rite oils!)  and “Fun Size” packages of peanut M&Ms.  (My mother loved See’s candy, Oreos and… M&Ms!)
With respect to the favors, most of us are at an age where we don’t need more sh, err.. crap/stuff so I try to think of something useful or “regiftable”.  I liked the idea of Post-It note holders with pens.  (I found the idea on Pinterest) and even did  a trial run for friends & family for Easter.

The favor “bag tags” were made with the Cricut, so they matched the theme of the invitations. (BTW, I’m having a lot of fun with this multi color light box!)


2018-06-21 10-46-20 smaller   2018-06-21 10-46-22

2018-06-23 13-35-15 smaller 2018-06-23 13-35-22 smaller

Since there are always guests who don’t know everyone, name tags are helpful.  My friend Bev got me hooked on BadgeAMinit.  It’s kind of a convoluted and yet kind of genius and (relatively) inexpensive way to make badges.  So this year, I made the name tags/badges and they matched the invitations.  (I will post more on this later.)
2018-06-21 10-46-10 smaller
2018-06-24 10-26-32
And here are the rest of the photos!
2018-06-21 10-46-51 smaller 2018-06-21 10-46-43 2018-06-21 10-46-35 smaller 2018-06-22 10-05-14 smaller
(The beverage dispenser stand for the champagne punch!)
2018-06-19 21-13-22
I use a mish mash of my wedding china and my husband’s late grandmother’s china with various napkin rings & various colors of napkins & chargers.
2018-06-20 23-41-46 smaller
2018-06-20 23-41-33 smaller
2018-06-20 23-41-49
2018-06-21 14-32-05 smaller 2018-06-21 14-32-07 smaller 2018-06-21 14-32-10 smaller 2018-06-21 12-13-46 smaller 2018-06-21 14-32-03 2018-06-21 12-13-54 smaller
2018-06-22 10-00-05 smaller
 2018-06-22 10-03-50 smaller
I even like to put fresh flowers in the bathrooms!
2018-06-22 10-04-09 smaller
2018-06-22 10-03-29 smaller

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