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Easter Gifts – Post It Note Holders

IMG_3899 cropped 1
I wanted to make something for our sisters who live out of town.  So it had to be easy and (fairly) inexpensive to mail, since I was sending eight of them out.  On Pinterest, I found this project & thought it was cute. It also seemed like it would be inexpensive to put together, fairly inexpensive to mail and would withstand going across country via USPS.  I got the erasers and the off brand Post It Notes pads from Dollar Tree, the pens from Party City, used printed paper I already had and some cookie/cracker/cereal boxes for the cardboard.  Oh and the cellophane bags (4 x 6) came from Amazon and the the bag toppers were attached using some blue colored staples I had on hand.  (Here’s how I made the bag toppers.)
All pieces were cut on the Cricut as well as the writing (font is Cricut font “Be Mine”).
This is the main piece. Notice there are two horizontal cut lines (to form the pen holder) and three vertical score lines.   Measurements are shown below.
20180330 - Post It Holder 1
Cut two of these squares (below).  One in the same printed paper as the main piece and the second one out of cardboard.
20180330 - Post It Holder 2
I couldn’t find a label/tag/banner I liked for the front, so I made my own by taking this piece…
20180330 - Easter Post It Note label
…doing some slicing, duplicating, flipping and welding to come up with the end result.
20180330 - Post It Holder 3
The center piece (with the name) is simply a circle, the name is the Cricut font “Be Mine” and written by the Cricut.
Once the main piece is assembled, the cardboard is adhered to the back, for stability.  The printed square piece is adhered over the cardboard, so it looks pretty.
The template I made accommodates two pads nicely.  So I adhered the back of one pad to the back of the main piece.  Then adhered the second pad on top of the first one.  They were attached with the spine of the pads on the side of the pen holder, where I placed more adhesive.
These fit nicely into some pretty padded mailers I had and postage was relatively inexpensive.

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