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Amazon Music – a great option for a couple of reasons!

The past week, I’ve been uploading our music to Amazon storage. I’m doing this because over the past year, I’ve been moving from many hard drives (like FIVE) to a NAS (a personal network drive) and was trying to figure out how to play our purchased music (we have a lot… a whole lot) through Sonos. Although there’s a way to play from the NAS, I decided to go the Amazon route b/c it doubles as cloud backup AND can be played anywhere we have an internet connection from a computer, tablet o20170417 - Amazon Music blog post photosr phone. AND… it’s free for up to 250 (I think) songs. But if you are like we are (did I mention we have a LOT of music?), it’s $25/year for up to 250,000 songs! (We don’t have that many.) Anyway, the fun thing I noticed last week & my husband noticed this week, is that when we are playing our purchased music (via Amazon rather than Pandora/etc) is that we are hearing songs we enjoy but have not heard in a very long time. This is one example. Back in the ’80’s when  I used to run a ton… with my Sony cassette Walkman… This was one of my fav-o-rite motivational songs.


The down side is the Amazon apps are pretty lame compared to others that have been around a lot longer (IE MediaMonkey or (of course) iTunes).  You can’t rank songs, add BPM or search within a playlist.  Hopefully, Amazon apps will improve over time.

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