Never Too Old (To Learn Something New)

Paprika Recipe Manager

As a self proclaimed software junkie, one application I’ve used for about 27 years is Mastercook recipe manager.  It was (and remains) a  great desktop app.  But when they ventured into the realm of cloud syncing so that the recipes sync between a desktop, tablet and phone, they failed miserably.  Since I’m a loyal customer, I struggled with this POS sync for a couple of years & complained to their support link.  (It appears they don’t have a real customer support department.  Only a super, long time fan named Sue.  Oy.)

I had heard of Paprika long ago, but was still a loyal MC customer.  But in February, 2019 I was once again, thoroughly disgusted with MasterCook once again screwing up my recipes when trying to sync, I Googled and found mention again of Paprika & decided to check it out.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this app and have been successfully using it on my desktop, laptop & tablet.  Not only does their sync work (and work well), there are so many other wonderful features that MC lacks.  My favorite is the ability to download recipes, from pretty much any website, directly into Paprika.  This feature is amazing since these days, many of the recipes people try are on websites that they find on Pinterest or Google.

One of the complaints I’ve seen about Paprika a few times is the cost.  The iOS app is purchased separately ($4.99) from the desktop app ($19.99 plus tax).  That’s about $25 one time fee, which I think is VERY reasonable.  Admittedly, major upgrades require upgrade fees, but that’s common, since technology advances very quickly and developers need to pay their coders to keep up with the technological advancements.

There are many other features in Paprika such as meal planning, menu planning, grocery lists, etc.  But I never used the lists that MC had and have yet to try the lists in Paprika.

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