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Christmas crafts

Ok so recently, I found some new Facebook groups (ugh…  they are SO not like the more (normally) drama free, cozy message boards from days of yore…) devoted to Cricut (an electronic home/hobbyist/personal die cutting machine).  With the recent release of the Cricut Maker, people new to Cricut are buying them up & trying to learn how to make t-shirts, mugs, ornaments, etc. for gifting and/or selling.  (I am SO OVER elves from Dollar Tree and anything related to unicorns!) However, these groups *did* get my Cricut juices flowing again.

So… I went to my favorite site ( and found something that I liked and that seemed (relatively) simple to make.  The result… the sleigh.  And then I noticed a frequent project was iron-on phrases, ironed on to toilet paper for that one (or two, or whatever depending upon your social circle) people on your Christmas list who deserved coal…  So I made a few of those as well.  (Never thought I’d see the day when I was ironing something onto toilet paper… )

And here are the results…

2017-11-29 12.54.39


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