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Where are my dishes???

Definitely a first world problem.  I love, love, LOVE dishes & I have the various patterns stowed & stashed in closets & cupboards to prove it.  I also inherited a couple of patterns from my husband’s mother & grandmother.  The ones we don’t use daily are stored in those quilted china keepers.  I made sure to get a different pattern of china keeper for each china pattern.  BUT…when it’s time to get the dishes out, in order to get the dishes I’m looking for, I’d often have to unzip several to find out which pattern of china keeper housed the china pattern I was going to use.  SO…  problem solved!  I took each china keeper, removed a small item like a salad plate & placed that next to the keeper & took a picture.  I then printed these pictures out & taped them inside my storage area.  Now, I can quickly determine which china keepers to get out for the dishes I’m wanting to use.

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