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DIY “cap” for beverage dispenser base!

2018-06-09 14-03-28

I recently decided to decorate one of my beverage dispensers by placing fun stuff in the clear base.  But the design of the base made it difficult, since the dip of the ice compartment is shorter than the base.  That meant after placing items where I wanted them, then placing a flat item over it, everything would shift or even fall out, when I went to turn it over.


Beverage-Disp-Acrylic-3Gallon modified

This is how I decorated it when using it for margaritas for book club & when I realized I needed a cap/hat.  It took me about 30 minutes & about 5 tries to finally get the base turned over without all those artificial ice cubes from falling out.

2018-04-24 21-22-07

So I decided to try to make a “cap” for it that would keep everything in place, when turning the base over for use.  I have to tell you that most of my DIY projects turn out badly.  But I felt optimistic about this one.  (Eye roll). I decided to use Crayola air dry clay.  I formed a sizeable piece that would hug the “dip” and then a flat piece to cover the entire bottom of the base.  I attached the two pieces & let it dry.  It reminds me of a hat that Crocodile Dundee would wear.

2018-06-09 09-21-40

But part of the “brim” cracked off (most likely due to my moving it before it had started to dry).  I ended up reattaching it with hot glue.  Then I painted it with some spray paint left over from my DIY folding chair project.


2018-06-09 09-52-50


So far, so good…  I was anxious to see how it would work… And I was pleasantly surprised!  The final product looks pretty rough.  Not something I would normally brag about.  But fortunately, it’s not that noticeable since it’s mostly covered by the decorations in the base.  I may need to start a new category – “Fugly but Functional!”

2018-06-09 14-03-28

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