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Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2016

I know most of you already know this, but for those of you who don’t, my mother passed away two months shy of her 95th birthday.  In order to not be sad on that day, I decided to keep myself busy by hosting a girls lunch.  I did it up all girly, used my wedding china, good silver & crystal.  I then decided to make it an annual event.  This was the fifth annual “Mother’s Birthday Luncheon” and my mother would have been 99 this year.  This year, we had to move from our home, during the month of May because we had all our flooring replaced, due to water damage.  So the invitations were more on the simple side this year.  I had to get them mostly ready in April & finish them at the rental home before mailing them out in May.  Since I make the invitations myself, this meant I had to get them as nearly finished as possible & take any crafting supplies required to finish them, to the rental home.

The menu was relatively simple, too.  End of May, I cleaned the rental, moved the stuff we took to the rental back into our home & had to clean our home from top to bottom as well.  We did have the pack out company to clean.  But they cleaned after the flooring was completed & before they moved the furniture back into the home.  So the furniture that was “packed out” had to be cleaned (sat in our garage for a month).  And since everything in the cabinets & drawers in the house got “dusted” due to the flooring work, everything in them needed to be cleaned as well.  Not a trivial task.  But a good space clearing task & something that feels good to have (mostly) completed.

But enough about that!

There were two versions of the invitation, based upon the paper I had.

IMG_3092 redacted IMG_3093

I made the swag bags & filled them with Perfectly Posh samples.  (I am an independent consultant for Posh & love their products.)  Colorful flowers & candies.  My mother loved M&Ms so it’s fun to have the pretty ones.  I don’t know if the taffy was any good, but it sure looked purty!!!

IMG_3094 IMG_3095

T minus 24 hours…  table is set.

IMG_3082 IMG_3084 IMG_3085

Red Velvet cupcakes ready to go…

IMG_3081 IMG_3080

Menu is set…


I usually don’t take too many photos during the event because I’m either busy or enjoying the company.  But we did get this photo (thank you, Simone for taking it!)


Partying is such hard work!!!


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