Never Too Old (To Learn Something New)

Prepping for the 6th annual Mother...

Prepping for the 6th annual Mother’s birthday luncheon!!!
It’s getting to be that time of year again – time for the annual Mother’s birthday lunch!  The invitations are done & most went out in yesterday’s mail.  I still have a few more to send out today & then that task will be completed.   In February, I bought the stamps the PO had for Valentine’s Da [...]

Amazon Music – a great option for a c...

Amazon Music – a great option for a couple of reasons!
The past week, I’ve been uploading our music to Amazon storage. I’m doing this because over the past year, I’ve been moving from many hard drives (like FIVE) to a NAS (a personal network drive) and was trying to figure out how to play our purchased music (we have a lot… a whole lot) through Sonos. Although there’s a way to play from the NAS, [...]

How to save a scorched pan!!!

How to save a scorched pan!!!
I had seen tips on the internet & finally was in a situation where I needed to give it a try.  Guess what…  THEY WORK!!!  (Or at least the one I used did!) Check out the video below…

Whiteboard contact paper (organizatio...

Whiteboard contact paper (organization tip!)
I have done this on several cabinet doors.  Big help if you have memory issues (like I do)! Save Save

Facebook tutorial 0010 – a frie...

Facebook tutorial 0010 – a friend’s account has been cloned (cloning vs hacked)
When you get a friend request from someone who’s already one of your Facebook friends, it’s most likely a cloned account.  This is not the same as their account being hacked.  Hacked generally means someone was able to glean the login credentials & can take over the account & make posts & add photos to the hacked accou [...]

What’s all this talk about matc...

What’s all this talk about matcha???
Here’s a nice article from Bon Appetit about matcha.  Steeped Tea carries many flavored matchas including peppermint, strawberry, pineapple, mocha matcha, lemonatcha matcha & my favorite, melon ball matcha.    

All About Steeped Tea!!!

All About Steeped Tea!!!
I’m thinking many of you have never heard of Steeped Tea. Well I hadn’t either, until about a year ago. It’s a fairly new company (founded in 2006) and even newer to the U.S. market that markets premium loose leaf tea. I used to be an avid Teavana customer. But after finding Steeped Tea, I started reading the ingredient lis [...]

Is all the poli-talk getting you down...

Is all the poli-talk getting you down?  Need a laugh or five?
All this election turmoil reminds me so much of 2004. For a few years, I had been heavily involved in a coffee lovers forum.  I mean, I not only ground my own coffee beans, I bought green beans & roasted them myself. And yet many long time regulars of the forum (message board) were at each others’ throats over the candidates. Even t [...]

Zoodle lasagne

Zoodle lasagne
Inspired by this recipe, I made zoodle lasagne for tonight’s dinner.  However as usual, I didn’t follow the recipe exactly & made it my own.  I didn’t make them “roll ups” but simply layered the zoodles like you would regular lasagne noodles.  I omitted the basil from the ricotta mixture, since my husband doe [...]

Steeped Tea BOGO sale on seasonal tea...

Steeped Tea BOGO sale on seasonal teas
Starting tomorrow (7/27/16) and going through 7/31/16, Steeped Tea has a BOGO (buy one, get one free) sale on the teas they will be vaulting.  Vaulted teas are seasonal teas that “go into the vault” at the end of the season.  Some never return but some return the next season.  SO…if you love any of the teas being vaulted, no [...]