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Need gift ideas for the music aficion...

Need gift ideas for the music aficionado, kitchen gadget or crafting geek in your life?
As a self described, bona fide music aficionado, kitchen gadget and crafting geek, here are a few ideas, should you need them.  One kitchen gadget I’ve not posted a review about is the Brod & Taylor folding bread proofer.  I’ve had mine for a couple of years and just love it. For the crafter (of course the newest, latest thing [...]

Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts
Ok so recently, I found some new Facebook groups (ugh…  they are SO not like the more (normally) drama free, cozy message boards from days of yore…) devoted to Cricut (an electronic home/hobbyist/personal die cutting machine).  With the recent release of the Cricut Maker, people new to Cricut are buying them up & trying to lea [...]

Twist & Pop card and “Seve...

Twist & Pop card and “Seven Teas for your 70’s”
Another fun card to make and receive! I was inspired by Joy Tracy’s tutorial.  This card was for a milestone birthday (70th) so I included a gift of…  seven different teas… for her 70’s.  I made the box with my Cricut and have made two others.  One was “Nine Teas for your 90’s” and the other one was [...]

Box Cards Part Two – BUTTERFLIE...

Box Cards Part Two – BUTTERFLIES!!!
Several months ago, I showed you the first batch of box cards I made.  Box cards are greeting cards that fold flat for mailing, but open up to be multi dimensional.  Since I had such good luck with the first batch, I tried making another, more complex box card & here’s how they turned out.  Although I recorded this video over a mon [...]

Rave Reviews (Vanilla Coconut) cake &...

Rave Reviews (Vanilla Coconut) cake – BEST CAKE EVER!!!
Ok, I’m not that much into chocolate.  But once, when I was going to make chocolate cupcakes for a party, several people requested this recipe instead…  So it’s not just me.  I do think the pudding probably helps make this recipe very moist. I first had this cake when my late cousin Georgeanna, served it.   Rave Review [...]

Silhouette Mint – make your own...

Silhouette Mint – make your own stamps!
The Silhouette Mint allows you to make stamps from your own artwork.  I’ve tried a few other tools that promised to do this, but failed miserably (in my experience.)  The Mint delivers on this promise, though! This isn’t the best example, but it’s the first stamp I made.  The original photo is on the left & the stamped [...]

Mandarin Pasta Spinach Salad with Ter...

Mandarin Pasta Spinach Salad with Teriyaki Dressing
This was one of those gazillion video recipes that flash up on Facebook.  But I modified it for my own (as usual) & it turned out great!  I will definitely be making this again.   The recipe below is my modified version.  The original recipe is here. (NOTE: Normally, I don’t use exact amounts for salads, because I tend to just mix [...]

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2017

Mother’s Birthday Luncheon 2017
For those of you new to this event (and at the risk of repeating myself for the gazillionth time to those of you NOT new to this event), my mother passed away in 2012 two months shy of her 95th birthday.  To keep myself from being so sad on that day, I decided to have my girlfriends over for a girly luncheon.  I got out the wedding china, cry [...]

Recipe: Cold Sesame Noodles

Recipe: Cold Sesame Noodles
This has been a long time (~25 years) fav-o-rite recipe of mine.  And it’s from one of my long time fav-o-rite cookbook authors, Lorna Sass. I follow most recipes (oncluding this one) loosely & adjust the soy sauce, vinegar & maple syrup according to my whim.  I love this recipe so much, that I’ve been known to use creamy [...]

Box cards using SVGCuts files –...

Box cards using SVGCuts files – Part 1
I have made most of our greeting cards, since 1996.  I’d been wanting to try making box cards (cards that fold flat for mailing, but pop up for a 3D card) but figured they would be very time consuming & difficult to make.  NOT TRUE!!!  I found these cards not only easy to make, brilliant in design & have a big wow factor!  I us [...]


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