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Box cards using SVGCuts files –...

Box cards using SVGCuts files – Part 1
I have made most of our greeting cards, since 1996.  I’d been wanting to try making box cards (cards that fold flat for mailing, but pop up for a 3D card) but figured they would be very time consuming & difficult to make.  NOT TRUE!!!  I found these cards not only easy to make, brilliant in design & have a big wow factor!  I us [...]

Where are my dishes???

Where are my dishes???
Definitely a first world problem.  I love, love, LOVE dishes & I have the various patterns stowed & stashed in closets & cupboards to prove it.  I also inherited a couple of patterns from my husband’s mother & grandmother.  The ones we don’t use daily are stored in those quilted china keepers.  I made sure to get a [...]

Folding chair makeover

Folding chair makeover
So as I’m gearing up for my ladies lunch, I’m going through my “to do” lists and trying to get stuff knocked off that I can do this far ahead of time.  One is “dust off folding chairs”.  And then I visualize the folding chairs I have & think while they are functional, they are really not very attractive [...]

Trader Joe’s gorgonzola gnocchi...

Trader Joe’s gorgonzola gnocchi sauce repurposed
One of my guilty pleasures is Trader Joe’s gorgonzola gnocchi.  The gnocchi is tender & the sauce is a-maze-ing.  But there is more sauce than I use for the gnocchi, so I always have some left over. (Note: for some reason this photo shows up correctly on my computer, but upside down on my phone…) So to repent for carbo loadin [...]

Prepping for the 6th annual Mother...

Prepping for the 6th annual Mother’s birthday luncheon!!!
It’s getting to be that time of year again – time for the annual Mother’s birthday lunch!  The invitations are done & most went out in yesterday’s mail.  I still have a few more to send out today & then that task will be completed.   In February, I bought the stamps the PO had for Valentine’s Da [...]

Amazon Music – a great option for a c...

Amazon Music – a great option for a couple of reasons!
The past week, I’ve been uploading our music to Amazon storage. I’m doing this because over the past year, I’ve been moving from many hard drives (like FIVE) to a NAS (a personal network drive) and was trying to figure out how to play our purchased music (we have a lot… a whole lot) through Sonos. Although there’s a way to play from the NAS, [...]

How to save a scorched pan!!!

How to save a scorched pan!!!
I had seen tips on the internet & finally was in a situation where I needed to give it a try.  Guess what…  THEY WORK!!!  (Or at least the one I used did!) Check out the video below…

Goodreads reading challenge 2016

Goodreads reading challenge 2016
This is the second year I’ve participated in the self defined reading challenge.  Although I came close, I did not meet last years goal.  But in my standard O/C way, I upped the ante anyway.  Once again, I did not meet my goal.  BUT… I met & exceeded last years.  So I have that going for me.

Whiteboard contact paper (organizatio...

Whiteboard contact paper (organization tip!)
I have done this on several cabinet doors.  Big help if you have memory issues (like I do)! Save Save

Facebook tutorial 0010 – a frie...

Facebook tutorial 0010 – a friend’s account has been cloned (cloning vs hacked)
When you get a friend request from someone who’s already one of your Facebook friends, it’s most likely a cloned account.  This is not the same as their account being hacked.  Hacked generally means someone was able to glean the login credentials & can take over the account & make posts & add photos to the hacked accou [...]


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